Adventures by CeJay

Adventures are all around us. These are mine. Let’s find your adventure today.

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Glacier National Park

I looked up and our eyes met. We thought the same thing. Oh F*$%! This pack was way heavier than what we trained with. I was looking at my best friend and we were day one, hour one into our first backpacking trip. It was August 2017 and we had chosen a 6 day backpackingContinue reading “Glacier National Park”

Lake Brownwood State Park

Lake Brownwood State Park is a place that has recently become my ‘home’ state park. After my family and I bought lake property this past summer, I have visited the park numerous times. Each trip has offered an enjoyable day with new things to explore. I’ll admit, I did not have high expectations of theContinue reading “Lake Brownwood State Park”

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